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Corona Craziness

Corona got you going a little coo coo crazy? Stocking up your shelves with the last can of tinned spam, cause hay that's all that left on the shelves these days. 

On my recent shop to Woolies I found myself trying to find a bag of brown rice for that evening's Mexican dish. Frustratingly there was none, and so as I continued my trip around the supermarket (which was ridiculously populated for a Wednesday at 2 pm) I started thinking about how this supermarket raiding was going to affect the environment. I mean surely it can't be good! That's a lot of extra plastic, cans and excess waste we are bringing into our homes. Where is all this rubbish going to go if we do hit lockdown and if we don't that's a lot of excess bags of rice, pasta etc that will eventually go off or be eaten by dreaded weevils. 

So what can we do to make better choices in the odd chance that the pandemic hits and we do go into lockdown? I personally think we do need to stay positive and not live our lives in fear. However, that can be easier said than done when we turn on the news every day to hear more outbreaks and more deathly cases. 

So here's my big suggestion. Think about stocking up your freezer instead of stocking up your pantry. Next time you make a bolognese or chilli con Carne make double and freeze what you don't eat. Buy some extra snags, salmon steaks and even veggies and freeze these too! Opt for shopping with the butchers, fishmongers and farmers markets to avoid all of that unnecessary packaging and to support your local small businesses (Aldi and Coles are probably making a motza on toilet paper sales alone). You might end up with a freezer full of food once the outbreak is controlled, and you'll be patting yourself on the back for having so many delicious meals prepped and ready to eat instead of opening the cupboards to a sad few dozen cans of tin o sgetti. 

Also think about planting some veggies and herbs or buying pre-planted pots. And take good care of the veggie gardens you do have so that they thrive and provide delicious and healthy goods! 

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